Spot the dinosaurs ! {free printable inside}

Spot the dinosaurs
les p'tits ouistitis

Looking for a fun game to play with your kids ?

Here is a new home made version of the awesome « Spot it » game. This time it’s all about dinosaurs ! And I can tell you for sure that my 3 little boys can’t get enough of it…

Don’t know this game ? Don’t worry, the rule is really simple : 6 dinosaurs on each card with one identical dinosaur between each card. The person who find the identical couple first is the winner.

In total, there are 30 cards and 17 dinosaurs. Be careful, some of them can be represented in 2 colors, you have to found the same dinosaur and same color.

Here is an example of a game in to action.

So, how can I have it ? you’re asking yourself.

Just like it and you will have all the printables for free ! And, of course, hours of game with your children (who are gonna love you for this). 😀

Now, you just need to print it, laminate it and have fun with your kids !

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  1. The Spot the Dinosaur links lead to Spot the Disney character Spot it cards.
    Do you have a link for the dinosaur cards s’il vous plait?


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